Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to place a station at my shop?

There is no cost or maintenance fee to place a station at your shop.

What is the 'Commission Incentive Program'?

We give back to shops that place our stations, please contact your sales person for the commission rate.

Or contact us here to find out more.

Do customers require assistance to rent a power bank?

No. The process of renting our power bank is very simple and instructions are prompted as the customer starts the rental process. Customers can also contact us directly via our Live Chat service for any techinical support.

Is support included?

Absolutely. Smart Power provides on-going customer service to shops or customers. We will always ensure our shops and customers are looked after when it comes to using Smart Power.

How many power outlets are required?

Only one power outlet is required. All Smart Power stations run off normal single phase power outlets.

What devices do Smart Power power bank cater for?

All Smart Power power banks cater for all popular makes of mobile phones and small electric devices on the market.

What ongoing maintenance is required?

We recommend shops regularly check for faulty or damaged cables and contact us immediately for repairs.

Does customers have to bring their own charging cable?

All Smart Power power banks come with USB-C, Lightning, and Micro USB ports.